[PAST EVENT] Coffee with a CLA Fellow

September 14, 2015 - December 18, 2015
See Full Description for schedule and locations
Matt Allar (Theatre, Speech and Dance)
Fridays: Aromas at Swem Library
2:00 pm

Carey Bagdassarian (Chemistry)
Thursdays: Daily Grind
11:00 am

Paula Blank (English)
Wednesday: Aromas on Prince George Street
11:30 am (Paula cannot meet on 11/18)

Bruce Campbell (Modern Languages, German Studies and European Studies)
Tuesday: Daily Grind
1:00 pm

Cathy Forestall (Psychology)
Thursday (Aromas at Swem Library)
1:00 pm

Georgia Irby (Classical Studies)
Wednesday: B-School Cafe
9:00 am

Paul Mapp (History)
Friday: Daily Grind
11:00 am (Paul cannot make it on 12/4)

Deborah Morse (English)
Monday: Daily Grind
1:00 pm (Deborah cannot make it on 11/23, 12/7 and 12/14)

Christine Nemacheck (Government)
Monday: B-School Cafe
3:00 pm

Nick Popper (History)
Tuesday: Daily Grind
3:00 pm

Rio Riofrio (Modern Languages, Hispanic Studies)
Wednesday: Mad about Chocolate
1:00 pm

[[stmorris, Sharon Morris]]