[PAST EVENT] PhysicsFest

October 24, 2015
10am - 4pm
Small Hall
Join us for PhysicsFest on October 24, 10am-4pm for a fun-filled day of activities for all ages, tastes and demands for the whole family. To celebrate the International Year of Light, the PhysicsFest theme this year is "Need for Speed (of light)". All visitors will enjoy illuminating demo shows, lots of hand-on activities, public lectures from professors and students, visits to research labs, and, if weather cooperates, astronomical sun observations. Our youngest guests will enjoy fun time in our physics playroom, participate in a race with photons, or jumping on the giant pool of oobleck. And nobody should go away without a scoop of our best liquid nitrogen ice cream! http://www.physics.wm.edu/PhysicsFest/ Whether you are nerdy or artsy, please consider submitting physics-inspired photos for PhysicsFest photo competition to win one of the cash prizes. Submission deadline is Wednesday, October 21. For details, see http://www.physics.wm.edu/PhysicsFest/PhotocontestFlier.pdf

For more information contact: Irina Novikova 757-221-3693 ixnovi@wm.edu