[PAST EVENT] Houston - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival

April 8, 2016 - April 17, 2016
12am - 12am
AMC Studio 30 | 2949 Dunvale Road, Houston, TX 77063
William & Mary alumnus Hunter Todd '61, Chairman and Founding Director of WorldFest Houston, is graciously offering two VIP Golf Passes to the 49th Annual WorldFest Houston (April 8-17) for William & Mary alumni. The gold pass includes the Opening Night Champagne Gala World Premiere, all films, and all Mast Classes, and the HYC Consular Regatta and Texas BBQ on Closing Day, April 17th. The total value of the passes is $800. For more information about WorldFest, please go to https://www.worldfest.org.

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