[PAST EVENT] Disappearance

April 10, 2012
Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Memorial Hall, Studio Theatre Room 137
601 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Disappearance was first performed in December 2004 at Kinokonuya Hall in Tokyo as a production of Nylon 100C under the playwright's own direction. In January 2005, the company took the play on a national tour that included stops in Morioka and Niigata--two cities deeply impacted by the 2011 tsunami.

It is during the war that was to end all wars, and a second moon orbits the earth. It is whispered that it is the last international space mission and the bodies of its last inhabitants--circling the earth due to budget cuts diverted to the war to end all wars.

Chaz is 39 and lives with his baby brother Stanley, 35. They are orphans who deeply love each other. Stanley is demure and Chaz is the go-getter so naturally he tutors shy Stanley in the ways of women and romance. But each time Stanley succeeds in proposing marriage to a girlfriend, Mr. Donen comes in and does a "battery of tests" on Stanley. Turns out, Stanley is a robot, and Mr. Donen is there to clear his memory, including any trace of Stanley's new fiance. In the age of defunct space missions, wars and natural disasters, what kind of love survives? What disappears?

This is a magical, black comedy romance, science fiction play as can only be written by Japan's rockstar playwright, theatre-maker, filmmaker, record producer Keralino Sandorovich, clearly a pen name, otherwise nationally referred to as KERA, in caps!

It is a quirky play that is funny, romantic, techy-geek focused--very William & Mary. I wish I could be there to excite you in person about it, but I am at UVa performing for our friendly rivals. With thanks to Joan for introducing the play to you all.

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