[PAST EVENT] W&M Smash Club Arcadian

October 22, 2016
Campus Center, Little Theatre
104 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

W&M Smash Club is proud to present our 2nd Arcadian!

What is an arcadian you ask? This is a special kind of Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament that bans any previously ranked players from entering. Being previously ranked refers to the William & Mary PR, or the best players currently entering tournaments during a specific time frame. This allows for less experienced, up and coming players to shine, make it far in bracket, and potentially win! (note that this tournament is only open to current W&M students).

Here is the schedule for the day. Come out to Little Theater in the basement of the Campus Center for some fun smash. Each event is $5 per person ($5 per team).

12:00-Set up

1:00-Arcadian Doubles

4:00-Arcadian Singles

7:00-Olympian Singles


phone number-703-927-0411