[PAST EVENT] VIMS Wachapreague Public Seminar: Mudskippers, the Lords of the Mudflats

March 1, 2017
7:30pm - 8:30pm
VIMS - Seaside Hall (Eastern Shore Laboratory)
40 Atlantic Avenue
Wachapreague, VA 23480Map this location

Mudskippers are amphibious fishes native to the Indo-West Pacific and tropical west Africa. Unlike most fishes, mudskippers live in the air to forage, find mates, and defend territories. Adaptations to their morphology, physiology and behavior enable mudskippers to exist in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. These unique characteristics have long captured the fascination of scientists, naturalists, and fish hobbyists. This presentation by Dr. Edward O. Murdy, Professor of Marine Science, George Washinton University, will focus on the biology and ecology of this remarkable group of fishes.

There is no charge for this presentation. Seating limited to 60 people. 


Linda Ward 757-787-5816