[PAST EVENT] RHA's "Hark Upon the Halls"

Monday, March 20th 2017
Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Residence Hall Association will be hosting info sessions in each upperclassmen hall from March 20-23. All students interested in living in any of these halls are encouraged to stop by and ask the current residents and RAs any questions they may have.

Full Description

Mark Your Calendars! To prepare for housing selection, RHA has partnered with several upperclassmen halls and RAs to bring you several information sessions through the week of March 20. Residents' Assistants will be available at each of the specified locations and times to answer any questions about life in the hall.
Also, don't miss the Housing Selection Q&A Workshop on Sunday March 26 at 2pm in Commonwealth Auditorium!

Hall (Location) Date/Time
Barrett (1st Floor Parlor)  Monday, March 20/6pm-7pm
Chandler (1st Floor Lobby) Monday, March 20/6pm-7pm       
Hardy/Lemon  (Lemon 1st Floor Lounge) Monday, March 20/6pm-7pm

Randolph (Tazewell Lobby)  Tuesday, March 21/5pm-6pm
DuPont (DuPont Foyer -Fire Pit) Tuesday, March 21/5pm-6pm

Ludwell (504 B -Duty Office) Wednesday, March 22/6pm-7pm

Old Dominion (1st Floor Lobby) Thursday, March 23/5pm-6pm
Bryan (Bryan Basement  -in Dawson) Thursday, March 23/5pm-6pm
One Tribe Place (1st Floor Lobby) Thursday, March 23/5pm-6pm      

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