Intro to Beating the Blues
Monday, November 15
McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Studio B

This supportive workshop will focus on helping students understand depression and its symptoms as well as learn more about the resources that can assist with managing these symptoms.

    W&M Online Graduate Business Programs Webinar - Networking as an Online Student
    Monday, November 15
    7pm - 8pm

    Join Dr. Inga Carboni, author of Connect the Dots: How to Build, Nurture and Leverage your Network to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals, as she shares her insights on effectively building, nurturing, and leveraging professional networks.


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      Ongoing Events

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      Resilience Strategies
      Thursday, November 4 - Thursday, November 18
      12pm - 12:45pm
      McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Studio B

      Focus on identifying and practicing strategies to enhance, refine, or rework resilience factors

      Thursday, November 4th 12-12:45pm and Thursday, November 18th  12-12:45pm

      Flourishing thru Chronic Too-Muchness
      Thursday, November 4 - Thursday, November 18
      McLeod Tyler Wellness Center, Studio A or B

      This workshop explores an evidence-based daily routine that includes strategies to effectively manage hardship.

      Living with Chronic Illness Support Group: Every Tuesday 2pm-2:45pm
      Tuesday, October 5 - Tuesday, December 14
      2pm - 2:45pm
      via Zoom

      This supportive outreach group will provide an outlet for students who are living with chronic illness and trying to navigate day to day life.