Innovation: Whirlwind Tour
Tuesday, June 9
2pm - 3pm
Zoom online

Innovation is a huge topic. The whirlwind tour will introduce many key aspects of innovation that pertain to higher education.

    Virtual Water Cooler
    Thursday, June 11 - Wednesday, July 29

    Join the Staff Assembly to discuss and process current pressing issues. Use this safe space as your opportunity to connect with your colleagues, share out, listen and ask questions. We are here to help and support you.

    (ZOOM) Cornerstone 101 - Realize Your Potential
    Thursday, June 11
    2pm - 3pm

    Cornerstone 101 - Realize Your Potential

    (ZOOM) Zoom: Changing The Way We Connect!
    Tuesday, June 16
    2pm - 3pm

    Zoom: Changing The Way We Connect!

    Fidelity Investments Counseling Session
    Wednesday, June 17
    9am - 4pm
    Sadler Center, James Room
      Adaptability: Increasing Your Teams Ability to Change
      Thursday, June 18
      1:30pm - 2:30pm
      Zoom online

      Jeanne Wilson will give a presentation on Adaptive Teams and Organizations.

        Friday, June 19
        All day
        Location not specified

        University closed. No classes scheduled.

          Innovation: Solutions for a Global Knowledge Economy
          Thursday, June 25
          2pm - 3:30pm
          Zoom online

          The second major presentation in the Learning Forward competency series, Innovation will be discussed in the context of the knowledge economy and a higher education institution's response.