[PAST EVENT] Food for Thought: Faculty Q&A with Prof. Patricia Vahle

November 11, 2020
5pm - 6pm
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Understanding an Existential Asymmetry

The NOvA particle physics experiment uses nature‚Äôs most aloof particle, the neutrino, to investigate the absence of an expected asymmetry of the universe.  Physics in the early universe should have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter.  Stars, planets, interstellar gas and dust are all made up of matter, but today antimatter is a rarity.  How did this excess of matter develop?  Do neutrinos hold the key?

Alumni, parents, family and friends are welcome to join. Time will be available for Q&A.

About Professor Vahle:

An experimental particle physicist, Patricia Vahle specializes in studying the behavior of the neutrino, one of the fundamental particles of nature.  Dr. Vahle is the co-spokesperson for the NOvA neutrino long-baseline oscillation experiment, an experiment hosted by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory outside of Chicago, IL.  Dr. Vahle has been faculty at William & Mary since 2007.


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