[PAST EVENT] ESL: Holding mirrors up to nature: The structure, function, and evolution of the eyes of scallops

April 3, 2019
VIMS - Seaside Hall (Eastern Shore Laboratory)
40 Atlantic Avenue
Wachapreague, VA 23480Map this location
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The eyes of animals come in a variety of forms and some of the most unusual designs are found in mollusks. Scallops, for example, have dozens of eyes arrayed along the edges of their valves. These eyes provide scallops with visual acuity that far exceeds that which is observed in other bivalves. The eyes of scallops are among the only eyes known to use a concave mirror to focus light for image-formation and they are one of the very few types of eyes that contain two separate retinas. In my talk, I will discuss our recent efforts at understanding how the eyes of scallops form images, how scallops integrate and process visual information, how scallops use information about light to influence behavior, and how the relatively complex visual systems of scallops may have evolved. Presented by Daniel Speiser, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina.

There is no charge for this presentation. Seating limited to 60 people. 

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