Biomath seminar on undergraduate research
Friday, April 23
12pm - 12:50pm
Wei Wang (CAMS Math Bio 2022) will present "Within-host model of polio virus control by defective interfering particles and interferon," and we'll briefly discuss biomath research opportunities at W&M.
    Seize the Awkward (with SA and Wellness Ambassadors)
    Friday, April 23
    1pm - 4pm
    Sunken Garden, Wren side
    Join our Seize the Awkward event and have a conversation about mental health and suicide prevention on our campus. Snacks and stickers will be provided. Feel free to drop by and engage in conversations with others on mental health issues. 
    Are YOU interested in research? Join us for Chem faculty research lab highlights.
    Friday, April 23
    3pm - 4pm
    Zoom Event

    Chemistry Faculty ask, "Are YOU interested in UG research?"

    Highlights & pointers from Chem department faculty research labs.

      Physics Colloquium - Dr. Andrea J. Welsh
      Friday, April 23
      4pm - 5pm
      Remote via Zoom

      Dr. Andrea J. Welsh, University of Pittsburgh,  Title of talk: Dealing with Mental Health as a Young Scientist


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