2019 Cutler Lecture: "Why Marriage Equality Prevailed—and Lessons for Other Social Movements"
Thursday, October 17
12:50pm - 1:50pm
Law School, Room 127

Professor William N. Eskridge, Jr., of Yale Law School will present William & Mary's 2019 Cutler Lecture titled “Why Marriage Equality Prevailed—and Lessons for Other Social Movements.” 

    Mass Atrocity Trials
    Thursday, October 17
    12:50pm - 1:50pm
    Law School, Room 124

    Join the Human Security Law Center in welcoming Arthur R. Traldi for a discussion on Mass Atrocity Trials. Mr. Traldi will speak from his extensive experience in international justice and law in Room 124. There will be pizza! 

    "Staying in Place": Lecture by Professor Sarah Barringer Gordon (University of Pennsylvania)
    Thursday, October 17
    12:50pm - 2pm
    Law School, Room 119

    Sarah Barringer Gordon, Arlin M. Adams Professor of Law and Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania, will present a lecture, “Staying in Place: Church Property and the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church after the Civil War."

    Discussion with Professor William N. Eskridge, Jr.: "On the basis of sex"
    Thursday, October 17
    2pm - 3:15pm
    Law School, Room 127

    Join Professor William Eskridge of Yale Law School for a discussion of whether federal antidiscrimination law prohibits workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and transgender status. Sponsored by the Equality Alliance.


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      Ongoing Events

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      British and Colonial Antecedents of American Liberties (Wolf Law Library Exhibit)
      Tuesday, October 1 - Sunday, March 15
      Law School, Wolf Law Library

      An exhibition of rare books on early American law from the collection of Sid Lapidus at the Wolf Law Library at William & Mary Law School.

      Campus Food Pantry 
      Saturday, August 31 - Wednesday, December 18
      1pm - 5pm
      Wesley Foundation House: Lower Level 526 Jamestown Rd

      The Campus Food Pantry is OPEN for all WM students, faculty and staff- so please come take some free food to get through finals- featuring canned goods, household items and microwavable meals!

      Hours: Monday 330-530, Thursday 430-630, and Saturday 1-3

      Virginia Bar Association - Interest Meeting
      Wednesday, October 6 - Wednesday, October 6
      1pm - 1:50pm
      Zoom https://cwm.zoom.us/j/3274694342

      Join the VBA on Wednesday, October 6th, to learn more about the VBA Law School Council, upcoming networking and interview prep events, as well as 1L and 2L opportunities to get involved.