Women and Conflict Constitutions
Monday, November 12
3:30pm - 6pm
Law School, Room 141

Hosted by the Law School's Center for Comparative Legal Studies & Post-Conflict Peacebuilding with support from the Reves Center. Admission is free and all are welcome.

"The Coded Gaze: Unmasking Algorithmic Bias" - Joy Buolamwini
Monday, November 12
4pm - 6pm

"The Coded Gaze: Unmasking Algorithmic Bias" - Joy Buolamwini

100th Anniversary of Women at W&M

?Leave the gun, take the cannoli?: The Mafia as a Problem of Daily Life
Monday, November 12
Tucker Hall, 127A

Prof. Dainotto (Duke) looks at historical attempts to imagine gangster cinema, against Hollywood?s mythologies, as the epics of the contrast between routine existence and change.

Fantastic and Fairy Tale Movie Week
Monday, November 12 - Sunday, November 18
7pm - 7pm
Various Language Houses in the Randolph Complex

The Language Houses of W&M present a week of fantastic and fairy tale movies!