Brave Enough to be First: Exploring 50 Years of African Americans in Residence at William & Mary
Friday, September 15 - Sunday, May 13
Swem Library, Marshall Gallery, First Floor Rotunda

Brave Enough to be First serves to honor the legacy of the three women who were the first African Americans in residence at William & Mary, to shed light on just how far we have come, and to inspire continued diversity and inclusion.

Friday, September 15
7am - 8am
The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio

With Terry & Doug

    Open Classes
    Friday, September 15
    8am - 5pm
    Location not specified

    Want to experience a day in the life of a W&M student? Attend a class! 

      Family Weekend Check-In
      Friday, September 15
      8am - 6pm
      Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Memorial Hall, Dodge Room

      Stop by to pick up your schedule, exclusive family weekend button, and have your questions answered by the Family Weekend volunteers.

        Family & Parent Weekend at the Student Recreation Center
        Friday, September 15 - Sunday, September 17
        8am - 11pm
        The Bee McLeod Recreation Center

        Welcome to Campus! Families are welcome to enjoy our facility, classes, and special events through the weekend!

          Friday, September 15
          8:15am - 9:15am
          The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio

          With Nura/Gail

            VIMS Day of Caring
            Friday, September 15
            9am - 12pm
            VIMS - Watermen's Hall, Gloucester Point Beach (Across from Beach Parking Lot)

            Co-hosted by The United Way and VIMS GSA, VIMS graduate students and community volunteers will clean the Gloucester Point Beach in honor of the International Coastal Cleanup.

              Summer Research Showcase: Poster Session Four
              Friday, September 15
              9:30am - 11am
              Swem Library, Research Room, First Floor

              Learn about the incredible research students have conducted over the summer. Enjoy presentations of their work, findings, and writings in the Swem Library. Find a full schedule of the Student Research Showcase below.

                Summer Research Showcase: Oral Presentations
                Friday, September 15
                9:30am - 6pm
                Swem Library, Research Room, First Floor

                In conjunction with poster sessions, students will present about research they have conducted over the summer. 

                  Diversity Networking Brunch
                  Friday, September 15
                  10am - 11:30am
                  Cohen Career Center, Full building
                  Open to all students who self-identify as diverse, this brunch and mini-career fair provides an opportunity for employers to interact with students of diverse backgrounds and provide a more intimate setting for networking. 
                    Judy Bloodgood Bander, signing No Borrowed Glory
                    Friday, September 15
                    10am - 3pm
                    Spirit Shop & Bookstore

                    In the summer of 1781, 13-year-old Nathaniel Chiles uncovers a plot to murder Col. Josiah Parker. Can Nathaniel overcome his fear in time to warn the Colonel of this threat?

                    Tours of the Christopher Wren Building 
                    Friday, September 15
                    10am - 5pm
                    Wren Building

                    Enjoy a short tour and learn about the rich history of the oldest college building still standing in the U.S.

                      William & Mary Class Ring Table 
                      Friday, September 15
                      11am - 3pm
                      Sadler Center, Lobby

                      Learn about options and ordering information for W&M class rings.

                        Friday, September 15
                        12pm - 1pm
                        The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio

                        With Jenny & Sam F.

                          TribeSat - Build an Orbital Satellite
                          Friday, September 15
                          12pm - 1pm
                          Small Hall, Room 122

                          We need your help to design and build a small satellite to be launched into orbit from Wallops Island in 2018.  We are also working with local schools to build five additional satellites. No experience necessary.

                            Fall Career & Internship Fair
                            Friday, September 15
                            12pm - 4pm
                            Sadler Center, Tidewater, Chesapeake

                            Looking for a job or internship? Meet employers at the annual Fall Career & Internship Fair put on by the Cohen Career Center. 

                              Constitution Day Lecture by Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., Former U.S. Solicitor General
                              Friday, September 15
                              12:50pm - 1:50pm
                              Law School, Room 124

                              Donald B. Verrilli, Jr., former U.S. Solicitor General from 2011 to 2016, will present William & Mary's Constitution Day Lecture.  His lecture is titled "The Supreme Court and the Solicitor General in  Polarized Times."

                              Swem Library Open House
                              Friday, September 15
                              2pm - 4pm
                              Swem Library

                              Stop by the library to see where students spend all of their time! 

                                Salsa Dance Lessons
                                Friday, September 15
                                3pm - 4pm
                                Campus Center, Little Theatre

                                All relatives and friends welcome to participate in some ?Salsa Fun.? 

                                  Recreational Boating on Lake Matoaka
                                  Friday, September 15
                                  3pm - 5pm
                                  Matoaka Boathouse

                                  Sign out a canoe or kayak and paddle the beautiful waters of Lake Matoaka.

                                    Vinyasa Yoga
                                    Friday, September 15
                                    3:15pm - 4:15pm
                                    The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio

                                    With Gail

                                      Pedal  n' Pli? 
                                      Friday, September 15
                                      3:30pm - 4:30pm
                                      The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio

                                      Maddie & Anna L.

                                        Philosophy Colloquium: Professor David Sobel (Syracuse University), "Valuing Can Ground Value"
                                        Friday, September 15
                                        3:30pm - 5pm
                                        James Blair Hall, Room 223

                                        David Sobel, Irwin and Marjorie Guttag Professor, Ethics and Political Philosophy, at Syracuse University, will speak on the topic of "Valuing Can Ground Value." All invited--students welcome!

                                          Green House Tours
                                          Friday, September 15
                                          3:30pm - 5:30pm

                                            Physics Colloquium
                                            Friday, September 15
                                            4pm - 5pm
                                            Small Hall, Room 111

                                            Deyu Lu, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Title of Talk: First principles modeling of electronic excitations: From basic understanding to materials applications

                                            Cardio Core
                                            Friday, September 15
                                            4:30pm - 5:20pm
                                            The Bee McLeod Recreation Center, Group Fitness Studio

                                            With Hailey & Courtney

                                              Fridays @ 5
                                              Friday, September 15
                                              Sadler Center, Terrace

                                              Alma Mater Productions? semi-annual concert series. 

                                                Shabbat Dinner with Hillel
                                                Friday, September 15
                                                5pm - 6:30pm
                                                Sadler Center, James Room

                                                Hillel welcomes all Jewish families here for Family Weekend.

                                                An Evening with The Virginia Beer Company
                                                Friday, September 15
                                                5pm - 9:30pm
                                                Location not specified

                                                There will be a 10% discount off of the first pint for anyone flashing their Family Weekend button.

                                                  Supreme Court Preview
                                                  Friday, September 15 - Saturday, September 16
                                                  5pm - 4pm
                                                  Law School

                                                  The Institute of Bill of Rights Law will host the 2017 Supreme Court Preview on September 15-16, 2017 at the William & Mary Law School.

                                                  Wine and Cheese with the Provost
                                                  Friday, September 15
                                                  5:30pm - 7pm
                                                  Integrated Science Center (ISC), Lobby

                                                  Come enjoy wine and cheese in our newly renovated ISC III lobby. Mix and mingle with other families and William & Mary?s Provost, Michael R. Halleran.

                                                    Fall Awards Banquet
                                                    Friday, September 15
                                                    5:30pm - 9pm
                                                    Alumni House, Clarke Plaza
                                                      Lantern Tours
                                                      Friday, September 15
                                                      Wren Courtyard

                                                      Explore the W&M campus by candlelight as members of the Spotswood Society share tales of ?Old Campus? and the Historic Wren Yard. 

                                                        Late Night Bubble Soccer
                                                        Friday, September 15
                                                        Sunken Garden

                                                        Grab a couple of friends and come join AMP for a night full of FREE bubbly fun.


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                                                          Ongoing Events

                                                          View: GridList
                                                          Charles Center's Annual Summer Research Showcase
                                                          Thursday, September 14 - Friday, September 15
                                                          Swem Library, The Research Room

                                                          The Summer Research Showcase is the Charles Center's annual undergraduate research event presenting research from various disciplines by students who have received summer research funding.

                                                          Sunday, September 10 - Saturday, September 16
                                                          Location not specified

                                                          National Suicide Prevention Week

                                                          September 10-16, 2017

                                                          AMP / Fridays at Five
                                                          Friday, September 8 - Friday, September 29
                                                          5pm - 7pm
                                                          Sadler Center, Terrace
                                                          "No Man's Land: A Collection of Works by Contemporary Female Artists"
                                                          Thursday, September 7 - Tuesday, October 3
                                                          Andrews Hall, Andrews Gallery

                                                          The Art & Art History's first show of the new academic year, "No Man's Land: A Collection of Works by Contemporary Female Artists," September 7 - October 3, 2017.

                                                          A reception will take place on September 14, from 4 to 6 pm.

                                                          Free and Open to the public.

                                                          What I Wish I'd Known Series
                                                          Wednesday, September 6 - Wednesday, March 21
                                                          4:30pm - 6pm
                                                          Cohen Career Center, Presentation Room

                                                          A series of six panels throughout the academic year where seniors can share their experiences, lessons learned, and advice on various career topics with freshmen and sophomores. 

                                                          HEART (Human Engagement, Awareness, and Response to Trafficking)
                                                          Tuesday, September 5 - Tuesday, December 5
                                                          7pm - 8pm
                                                          James Blair Hall, Room 201

                                                          Through education and outreach we hope to raise awareness about what human trafficking is and the role it plays in our society. We also strive to make positive change in the wider Williamsburg community through active service. Tuesdays, 7-8 pm, Blair 201

                                                          WMCI Fall Community Courses
                                                          Tuesday, September 5 - Thursday, November 16
                                                          Rowe House

                                                          Join WMCI this fall for many new, fun, and educational courses!

                                                          Global Education Office Advising Walk-in Hours
                                                          Tuesday, September 5 - Friday, October 13
                                                          Reves Center for International Studies

                                                          Meet with study abroad peer advisors to discuss your study abroad options in the Global Education Office or Swem Library.

                                                          Essential First-Year Initiatives
                                                          Monday, September 4 - Thursday, October 12
                                                          Various Campus Locations
                                                          All residential freshmen are expected to attend W&M's four Essential FYI programs, each of which addresses key components of our community. Students should consult their RA for their session times and locations.
                                                          Living the Legacy: Oral Histories Commemorating 50 years of African Americans in Residence
                                                          Thursday, August 31 - Monday, January 15
                                                          Swem Library, Entrance Gallery

                                                          Living the Legacy is a dynamic exhibit featuring the intricate, inspiring stories of African Americans who experienced these inaugural years firsthand and who broke barriers for the generations to come.

                                                          Virginia Bar Association - Interest Meeting
                                                          Wednesday, October 6 - Wednesday, October 6
                                                          1pm - 1:50pm

                                                          Join the VBA on Wednesday, October 6th, to learn more about the VBA Law School Council, upcoming networking and interview prep events, as well as 1L and 2L opportunities to get involved.