Biomath seminar on undergraduate research
Friday, April 23
12pm - 12:50pm
Wei Wang (CAMS Math Bio 2022) will present "Within-host model of polio virus control by defective interfering particles and interferon," and we'll briefly discuss biomath research opportunities at W&M.
    Physics Colloquium - Dr. Andrea J. Welsh
    Friday, April 23
    4pm - 5pm
    Remote via Zoom

    Dr. Andrea J. Welsh, University of Pittsburgh,  Title of talk: Dealing with Mental Health as a Young Scientist

    AMP / Atwater Lecture Series: Dominique Jackson
    Friday, April 23
    7pm - 8pm
    Zoom Webinar

    Join AMP’s Impact Committee for an evening with this year’s Atwater Lecture Speaker Dominique Jackson on April 23rd at 7pm!

    Ongoing Events

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    Family Weekend
    Wednesday, September 23 - Sunday, September 26
    Location not specified

    Family Weekend features events and special programs designed to showcase life at William & Mary. Learn about world-class faculty, experience special performances from one of many talented student groups, and connect with families from across the nation.