German Studies Talk: Dr. Jamele Watkins, Research Fellow, Stanford University
Thursday, January 24
4pm - 5:15pm
Washington Hall, Room 315

Dr. Jamele Watkins, a candidate for the TE position in German Studies, will give a talk with the title Dear Angela: Transnational Solidarity with Angela Davis in the GDR.

    Building a Vocal Community with Dr. Ysa?e Barnwell
    Friday, January 25
    6pm - 9pm
    School of Education, Matoaka Woods Room

    Admission - $30 general Public; $10 for students

    The Beautiful/Most Dangerous Game: Calcio storico fiorentino
    Wednesday, January 30
    Pleasants Hall (Randolph Complex), Italian House

    Come learn about The Beautiful/Most Dangerous Game in Italy: the historical florentine soccer (Calcio storico fiorentino).

    Presentation by Victoria Fanti (JHU)

    Register here:

    Russian Film Series
    Wednesday, January 30
    5pm - 7pm
    Tucker Hall, 127A

    The second film in the student-run film series ?Gender Justice on the Russian Screen,? Circus (dir. Grigorii Aleksandrov, 1936), will be screened on Wednesday, 30 January, in Tucker 127A at 5:00 p.m.

    Passport Caravan
    Thursday, January 31
    10am - 3pm
    Sadler Center, Colony Room

    CIEE and the Reves Center are giving away 100 free passports to eligible W&M undergraduate students!

      The Island Screening, Reception, and Performances at the 2019 Global Film Festival
      Thursday, January 31
      Location not specified

      WMCI will be hosting a screening of the film The Island in Kimball Theatre at the 2019 Global Film Festival on Thursday, January 31! There will be a reception prior to the film, as well as several traditional Chinese performances!

      Alison Keith, ?Greek Courtesans in Ancient Rome?
      Thursday, January 31
      4:30pm - 6pm
      Andrews Hall, Room 101

      Professor Alison Keith of the University of Toronto delivers the annual J. Ward Jones lecture on ?Courtesans (and Concubines) in Ancient Rome?

      Karl Gerth: Mao Badge Fad: How a State-Supported Consumer Fad undermined the Socialist Revolution
      Thursday, January 31
      5pm - 7pm
      Blow Memorial Hall, Room 332

      The Mao Badge Fad: How a State-Supported Consumer Fad undermined the Socialist Revolution. Karl Gerth is Hwei-chih & Julia Hsiu Endowed Chair in Chinese Studies at the UC San Diego and author of the acclaimed As China Goes, So Goes the World (2010).

      German Studies Candidate Talk: Dr. Robin Ellis, Fellow at UVA
      Thursday, January 31
      6:30pm - 7:30pm
      Washington Hall

      ?Theater of Refuge: Jelinek?s Charges and the Versatorium Translation Collective?