[PAST EVENT] Anthropology Brown Bag: "Performing Solidarities: Third World Alliance as Choreographic Practice"

September 29, 2021
12pm - 1pm
dancer, bowl, orange, red, yellow, woman

The concept of Third World unity emerged in the mid-twentieth century as a way of forging political alliances and solidarities among Asian, African, and Latin American people, by focusing on shared experiences of colonial history and decolonial struggle and imagining possibilities for global interaction beyond the bipolar Cold War framework. In this talk, Dr. Emily Wilcox explores uses of performance, especially dance, to build and enact Third World solidarities. Through examples such as the 1930s Central Asian dances of Chinese-Trinidadian dancer Sylvia Silan Chen and the 1960s Asia-Africa-Latin America programs of China‚Äôs Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, Wilcox asks what it means to choreograph solidarity.  

Please email [[jdcarlson]] for Zoom link.