[PAST EVENT] Yohanes Satrio Gani, Physics - Oral Exam for the Ph.D.

April 9, 2019
10am - 1pm
Small Hall, Room 122
300 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Yohanes Satro Gani

Yohanes Satrio Gani, Physics - Final Oral Exam for the Ph.D. Title: Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional van der Waals Systems

Abstract: In this dissertation we study the electronic structure of van der Waals systems. A van der Waals systems is a heterostructure in which the different constituents are held together by van der Waals forces. We study two different types of van der Waals systems: van der Waals systems formed by graphene and a monolayer of NbSe2, van der Waals systems obtained by placing graphene nanoribbons on a two-dimensional crystal. For the first type of systems we build a continuous low-energy effective model that takes into account the presence of a twist angle between graphene and NbSe2, and of spin-orbit coupling and superconducting pairing in NbSe2. We then obtain how the superconducting pairing induced by proximity into the graphene layer depends on the twist angle. For the second type of systems we obtain using ab-initio methods the electronic structure of graphene nanoribbons placed on hexagonal boron nitride, and of graphene nanoribbons placed on monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenide. For both cases we show how the electronic structure depends on the stacking configuration.

Bio: Yohanes Satrio Gani was born on November 14, 1986 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. He began his formal education in 1992 at Santo Yusup 2 Elementary School in Bandung, Indonesia. From his youth, he was always curious about science and spent a lot of time understanding how things work. In 1998, he entered Santa Angela Middle and High School in Bandung, Indonesia. He was fortunate to have a wonderful high school physics teacher who inspired him to delve into physics in college. In 2004, he entered Bandung Institute of Technology in Bandung, Indonesia where he majored in Physics. Additionally, he actively taught science for high school students. After graduation from college, he worked for an education company where he became a physics lecturer and book editor. He continued his advanced degree at William & Mary, Virginia, USA in Fall 2011. In 2013, he joined Dr. Enrico Rossi's group investigating the electronic structure of two-dimensional systems. Under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Rossi, he researched many fascinating topics that are of current interest in the condensed matter field.