[PAST EVENT] Chemistry Spring Seminar

April 12, 2019
3pm - 4pm
100 Year of Women - Chemistry Seminar

Professor Karen Goldberg of the University of Pennsylvania presents

Developing Alternatives to Oil as Feedstocks for our Chemicals and Liquid Fuels
As we move to decarbonize our energy landscape, not only must we develop viable fuels for the future, but we must also re-envision our chemical industry and economy. The bulk carbon-based chemicals from which we make medicines, detergents, paints, plastics, fibers, fabrics, and almost everything we use on a daily basis, are derived today from petroleum. New pathways from new sources to the chemicals and liquid fuels that we depend on must be developed to successfully transition to a sustainable future. Strategies and reactions to make better use of natural gas reserves and carbon dioxide will be discussed.