[PAST EVENT] Bray School Stories: Finding Molly

November 27, 2023
6pm - 7pm
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Bray School Stories: Finding Molly
Bray School Stories: Finding Molly

Join the W&M Bray School Lab each month in a new series on Zoom: Bray School Stories: Finding the Bray School Students. Led by Elizabeth Drembus of the W&M Bray School Lab, these sessions are a blend of research and exploration, aiming to shed light on the past and connect it to the present through descendant-centered genealogical research.

In November, Elizabeth will focus on the research, findings, and questions still to answer about Bray School scholar Molly.

Elizabeth's approach is grounded and engaging. Drawing from her deep expertise in genealogy, she presents findings, shares tales of discovery, and opens up discussions about challenges. Participants will find a space to ask questions, share insights, discuss possibilities and delve deeper into genealogical methods. 

The sessions are interactive, ensuring everyone has a chance to contribute. And while the focus is on the Bray School students, attendees will walk away with more: a sense of connection to history, a better grasp of genealogical research, and resources to explore their own family histories.

Each month, Elizabeth will focus on a different member of the student community of the Williamsburg Bray School.

In just an hour, this monthly gathering offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of the past, inviting everyone to engage, learn, and remember. It’s a curated, guided, shared journey into history. 

Registration is required, but the event is free to all members of the public.