[PAST EVENT] RPSS Undergraduate Research Showcase

April 24, 2021
2pm - 3:30pm
Virtual Event
RPSS Undergraduate Research Showcase
RPSS Undergraduate Research Showcase

We are delighted to share the program of our upcoming RPSS Undergraduate Research Showcase.
RPSS students present their research in history, literary, and film studies.

Catherine Tyson "Commemorations to Communism: Exploring the Ideological Utility of Victory Day in the Struggle for the Third World"
Lee DePue “Yugosexual: Gender, Politics, and Violence in Mihailovic and Makavejev”
Grace Riley “Diabolic Mockery: The Power of Subversive Laughter in Yevgeny Zamiatin's We

Discussant: Grace Kier, James C. Gaither Junior Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Chair: Emily Elston

Zoom Event