[PAST EVENT] Physics Colloquium

February 19, 2013
4pm - 5pm
Small Hall, Room 111
300 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Understanding the strong interactions with high precision is becoming a prerequisite for progress in nuclear and particle physics in many different facets. It requires a careful interplay between modern experimental efforts, model-independent theoretical interpretation, and lattice QCD simulations. There are at least two important perspectives for such efforts: we try to understand the theory of low-energy strong interactions as such; or we need to quantify it with high precision in order to interpret electroweak experiments, which may also serve as low-energy precision searches for signals of physics beyond the Standard Model. I will highlight this area of current research with three
examples: 1. the mass of the nucleon and its connection to pionic atoms; 2. hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon; 3. the role of the strong interactions for CP violation in weak decays.