[PAST EVENT] Organization Budget Allocation Process 201: Learn How to Spend your Budget

December 14, 2023
10am - 11am
Sadler Center York Room

This is a required training for any student organization who has received a funding/budget allocation from Student Assembly through the Organization Budget Allocation Process. These information sessions will go over the process of spending the organization's budget allocation. Topics covered in this session will include how to submit purchase requests and order items, contracting, and additional organization requirements. Organizations will not be able to submit purchase requests/access the allocation until this requirement is completed.

This should only be completed by organizations after they have received a budget allocation. Organization financial managers/primary contacts may attend as many times as they would like; it is required at minimum once per academic year.  Organizations that already completed this for Q1 and Q2 have met the requirement for the 2023-2024 academic year.


Sponsored by: Organization Budget Allocation Committee, Student Leadership Development, and Student Assembly