[PAST EVENT] Colloquium: Challenges in adapting and deploying research techniques into industrial teams

February 22, 2013
3pm - 4pm
McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 20
251 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
The research community has created a large number of techniques that aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software engineering activities. Unfortunately, very few of these techniques have large scale adoption, even though developers and testers really want solutions to their problems. At ABB, we have worked with many teams over the last 8 years to adopt and deploy a number of these techniques. In this talk, I will discuss challenges we have faced in adapting and deploying research solutions, and how we have worked with researchers to improve their tools and techniques and ultimately get them adopted by developers and testers.

Bio: Brian Robinson currently leads ABB's global software improvement activities, and is ABB's designated technical expert in Software Engineering. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from Case Western Reserve University. In his current role, Brian is responsible for both short term improvements and ABB's longer term research in software engineering. His current research involves improving developer efficiency, testing, and maintenance in large, long lived industrial systems. He particularly enjoys bridging academic work into industrial practice and is actively collaborating with many universities around the world.

Department of Computer Science