[PAST EVENT] Preparing for Summer Grants, Fellowships, Internships, and Programs Workshop

February 6, 2014
4pm - 6pm
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 331
262 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
This workshop will help you apply for internal and external summer grants and fellowships by providing the necessary tools for your applications. We will talk about how to find funding opportunities for your research and how to find advisors to support your work. Lisa Grimes and several Peer Scholarship advisors will describe the role of the Charles Center in funding student research. She will provide information about a number of different internal student awards, will describe the process of applying for the grants, and will answer your questions about summer funding, research, honors, and the Monroe program. Students who have been successful in securing grants in the past will also give advice about grant writing, with a focus on writing an internal grant. Finally, we will provide tips on writing and preparing your applications.

[[acharityhudley]] or [[cldickter]]