[PAST EVENT] Public Policy and Interdisciplinary Studies Honors Colloquium

February 21, 2014
3pm - 4pm
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 201
262 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Elizabeth Pelletier will present her work on "Learning in Harm's Way: The Effects of Neighborhood Violence on School Performance."

Rachel Brooks will present her work on "Can Education Compensate for Society?: Sociolinguistic Theory and High School English Teachers Experiences."

Each presentation will last 20 minutes and will be followed by a brief Q&A with the audience. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Read {{http://www.wm.edu/as/charlescenter/honors/currentstudents/colloquium/schedule/feb21/index.php, the project abstracts}} and see {{http://www.wm.edu/as/charlescenter/honors/currentstudents/colloquium/schedule/index.php,the full Honors Colloquium Schedule}}.