[PAST EVENT] Strategic Thinking and Communication Series

November 9, 2011
6pm - 8pm
Sadler Center, York
200 Stadium Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
This course will focus on the thinking and analysis process for responding to business problems and opportunities. It explains how to think through the problem and then how to work through it by applying actionable rules to determine precisely the points necessary to validate the key question.

The seminar applies to presentations, business cases, policy briefs and any other type of document in which your purpose is to offer your thinking to a reader: email, one-page memo, multi-page report or formal slide presentation. It works equally for internal or external audiences and regardless of medium.

Refreshments will be served at each session.

Please note that this is a competitive application process and by submitting this application, you are not guaranteed a spot to participate. Selected students will need to complete the MBTI before the program. In addition, you must email your resume to Anne Bibee at csga03@wm.edu by October 23.

[[dalapi, David Lapinski]]