[PAST EVENT] Alumni Webinar: Cut Trash in Half in Your City Now

February 11, 2015
Alumni Webinar
Cut Trash in Half in Your City Now: How America Can Win the War on Waste

Programs designed to harness the power of behavioral economics have been demonstrated to reduce waste in domains from health care to public utilities. The presenters of this webinar leverage these incentives to drive real and radical change in the domain of solid waste. In cities large and small, rich and poor, they routinely cut citywide trash nearly in half.

Through the introduction of a well-designed incentive structure, municipalities can reduce trash tonnages so profoundly that, in the aggregate, they generate billions of dollars in financial impact. This money is sorely needed in virtually every jurisdiction to fund schools, rebuild roads, and slow the rise in property taxes. And the environmental impact associated with this level of waste reduction dwarfs that of most environmental initiatives.

Two of the presenters met at William and Mary more than 20 years ago and became lifelong friends. They now co-lead the most successful waste reduction company in the world, WasteZero?. The company partners with more than 800 municipalities, reducing solid waste an average of 44% in the cities and towns that have adopted its program.

A case study in driving political change in a small city is provided by the former mayor of Portland, ME, a lifelong and highly accomplished leader in both the public and private sector.

Moderator: William & Mary Professor of Economics Dr. Sarah Stafford

Presenters: John Campbell MBA '93, Mark Dancy MBA '93, George Campbell, Former Mayor of Portland, ME

A link to the webinar will be distributed to all registered participants prior to the beginning of the program.

This webinar is offered at no charge to College of William & Mary alumni.

Contact [[m|eliza.parrish, Eliza Parrish]] for more information. Visit {{http://mason-wm.adobeconnect.com/alumniwebinar/, AdobeConnect}} to attend the webinar.