[PAST EVENT] Colloquium: Being Green in High Performance Computing

February 23, 2012
10am - 11am
Blow Memorial Hall, Room 331
262 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Green computing is now en vogue. One cannot pick up a magazine or a newspaper without reading about the latest wares from Intel, Oracle, HP and others and their promise of increased energy efficiency. This is a recent phenomenon. Historically, data and supercomputer centers worried little about power requirements and costs as they were seen as trivial compared to acquisition and personnel costs. Today, the problems are obvious and keen. The largest data centers in the world that house supercomputers and the computing infrastructure that support the Internet consume tens of Megawatts of power. Hence, power is now a first-class constraint in servers, systems and data centers. The continuous challenge is to reduce the power and energy consumption of emergent systems without sacrificing performance. Since 2001, the SCAPE Laboratory has led efforts to improve the power and thermal efficiencies of high-end systems. In this talk we describe the motivation and challenges facing the Green Computing movement in HPC and data centers and our continued efforts to build infrastructure to profile, analyze, control and optimize the energy consumed and
thermals produced by high-performance systems and applications.

Kirk W. Cameron is an associate professor at Virginia Tech. The central theme of his research is to improve performance and power efficiency in high performance computing (HPC) systems and applications.

Accolades for his research include NSF and DOE Career Awards and an IBM Faculty Award. Prof. Cameron is a pioneer and leading expert in Green Computing. His advanced power measurement software infrastructure (PowerPack) is used by dozens of research groups around the world. His power management software, Granola, is used by hundreds of thousands of people in more than 160 countries. Cameron is also a Green IT columnist for IEEE Computer, Green500 co-founder, founding member of SPECPower, EPA consultant, Uptime Institute Fellow, and co-founder of software power management startup company MiserWare.

Department of Computer Science