[PAST EVENT] Discovery Lab: Eels

August 23, 2016
6pm - 8pm
VIMS - Catlett-Burruss Research and Education Lab
7577 Spencer Road
Gloucester Point, VA 23062Map this location
Did you know that electric eels are not true eels, but rather a type of knifefish? True eels are a group of fishes with long, snake-like bodies that are often confused with their electric cousins. There are almost 800 species of eels around the world. They can range in length from 2 inches to nearly 13 feet! The most common species of eel found in this region is the American eel. American eels have a fascinating life cycle, and are very important in the Bay ecosystem as both a predator and prey. Come learn more about these misunderstood creatures and why they are important not only to our local region but around the world!

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Sarah McGuire Nuss 804-684-7878