[PAST EVENT] Physics Colloquium

September 7, 2012
4pm - 5pm
Small Hall, Room 111
300 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Abstract: Attempts to produce focusing x-ray optics date back to the days of Roentgen, however, it was not until the past decade that X-ray Microscopy has finally been able to achieve sub-100 nm resolution. In my talk I will briefly review the history of X-ray Microscopy tools that have been recently applied in a wide range of disciplines, ranging from physics, chemistry and biology to environmental sciences, geophysics and engineering. I will also introduce a novel x-ray microscopy technique developed, which relies on coherent properties of x-ray beams, and eliminates the need for focusing optics altogether, replacing it with a computational algorithm. We have applied this technique to image magnetic stripe domains in GdFe multilayer films, as well as to image the distribution of lattice strain in nanostructures. I will discuss applications of these novel x-ray imaging methods in context of a new generation of fully coherent x-ray sources.