[PAST EVENT] Ciclovida Documentary Screening and Discussion

April 19, 2011
8pm - 10pm
Andrews Hall, Room 101
605 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Ciclovida (Lifecycle) is both a movement of farmer-activists from Brazil and an award-winning documentary about those farmers. Led by Ivania de Alencar and Inacio do Nacimento, a group of subsistence farmers bicycled across the South American continent in search of natural seeds and exposing the environmental and social dangers of large-scale conventional agriculture aimed at growing crops for biofuel production. Ciclovida is bringing their message to the United States by bicycling up the East Coast, stopping along the way to give presentations. We are very excited to have Ciclovida be a part of Earth Week at William & Mary!

Synopsis of the documentary from the Ciclovida website: "The underlying pressures of industrial agriculture, with a focus on biofuel crops, are explained in detail, including the historical groundwork that was laid by the old imperial governments. Land struggle movements are described, with close attention to the reasons that compel farmers to use cash-monocrops and stray from subsistence agriculture. In particular this film intimately portrays the economic and ecological impacts of such farming practices and their implicit uses of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and genetically modified seeds from the protagonists' point of view.

The film follows the protagonists as they embark on their journey south through Brazil, across the borders of Paraguay and Argentina to Buenos Aires and eventually back home through Uruguay to Northeastern Brazil, stopping along the way to gather novel ideas, seeds, and touching stories from landless laborers, agricultural schools, small farmers, and other supporters sympathetic to their cause."

[[smhanke, Sarah Hanke]]