[PAST EVENT] Chemistry Spring Seminar

April 6, 2018
3pm - 4:20pm

Timothy Brewster '08, Unversity of Memphis presents

?Late Transition Metal-Aluminum Heterobimetallic Complexes?

Metal-ligand cooperativity has become a mainstay in the design of homogeneous catalysts. By far, most known systems involve cooperation between a transition metal and a Lewis base. Lewis acid-containing systems are much more rare due to both synthetic difficulty and a lack of understanding of ligand electronic effects. Our lab seeks to address both the synthetic issues associated with transition metal-Lewis acid systems, particularly aluminum, and to quantitatively describe the effect a Lewis acid-containing ligand has on the electronic nature of the transition metal. The synthesis, spectroscopic, and electrochemical characterization of a representative system in which iridium and rhodium are tethered to an aluminum alkyl will be discussed in detail.