[PAST EVENT] WMSURE: Preparing for Graduate School

October 28, 2015
4pm - 6pm
Campus Center, Little Theater
104 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
The purpose of this workshop is to provide you with information regarding the process of selecting and applying to graduate programs. We will focus not only on research-oriented graduate degrees, but also speak about professional degrees as well. This workshop will focus on the different aspects of the application process and provide you with information about what admissions committees are looking for.

We will talk about how to prepare and improve the statement of purpose, how to secure the best letters of recommendation, and how to prepare for standardized tests. We will also discuss other aspects of the graduate school application including transcripts, work experience, research experience, and the curriculum vitae/resume. A rough timeline will also be proposed to help you prepare for applying to graduate school throughout your four years of college.

Finally, we will conclude with a discussion of how to pay for graduate school, including various options of loans, grants, and fellowships. In addition to faculty mentors, directors of graduate study Prof. Arthur Knight, Vice Dean of the Law School Laura Heymann, and W&M undergraduate and graduate students will share their advice and talk about what worked for them for preparing successful applications to graduate programs.

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