Theatre Performance: A Tempest
Thursday, March 3 - Sunday, March 6
Location not specified

A Tempest

by Aimé Césaire.

W&M Theatre Mainstage Season 2021-2022

Tepper 2022 Speaker Series
Thursday, March 3

The Russian and Post - Soviet Studies program invites you to the lecture by our guest Francine Hirsh.

Botetourt Chamber Singers Gala Concert - Dreams and Fantasies
Thursday, March 3
Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium

The Botetourt Chamber Singers Gala Concert is for the benefit of Student Scholarship Aid for International Tour.

Ukraine Solidarity Event
Thursday, March 3
7pm - 9pm
Sadler Center, Lodge One

This Thursday, March 3 from 7-9 Lodge One will be a space for students and student groups affected by the war in Ukraine to share their experiences and call the community to action.