[PAST EVENT] The Taliban in Afghanistan: The moral dilemma of negotiating with terrorists

May 3, 2023
negotiating with the Taliban

In February 2020, during President Trump’s administration, the US negotiated a deal with the Taliban which enabled the US to say “mission accomplished” and start planning to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan. These negotiations left out the elected Afghan government, thereby undermining the legitimacy of the Afghan Republic. In August 2021, two decades after the overthrow of the radical Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the Taliban took over the country. Since taking over, the Taliban have radically chipped away at human rights of Afghans. Nevertheless, the US and other countries continue to negotiate with the Taliban.

This panel will discuss the moral dilemma the US and other countries face by negotiating with a terrorist regime.

Panelists: William Maley, Professor Emeritus, Australian National University; Ashraf Haidari, Former Ambassador of the Republic of Afghanistan to Sri Lanka & Lecturer, Georgetown University; and host & moderator: Prof. Rani D. Mullen, William & Mary.

Time permitting, please read: https://www.justsecurity.org/86065/diplomatic-engagement-with-the-taliban-a-path-forward-or-a-black-hole/

The panel will occur Wednesday, May 3rd at 9 pm EST/Thursday, May 4th at 11 am in Canberra, Australia.

Please join via Zoom. For questions, email [[rdmull,Rani D. Mullen]].


[[rdmull, Rani D. Mullen]]