[PAST EVENT] Physics Colloquium - " If I’m not safe, nobody is: science, power, and activism in the age of #MeToo"

November 6, 2020
3:30pm - 5pm
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Prof. Gordon
Prof. Gordon

Prof. Sharona Gordon, Physiology & Biophysics University of Washington, Title of talk:  If I’m not safe, nobody is: science, power, and activism in the age of #MeToo

Zoom Link available upon request. Please email Ellie at [[evwilk]].

Abstract: Sexual harassment is more prevalent in academic sciences, engineering, and medicine than in any other public sector, private sector, or government workplace except for the military. Women’s physical health, mental health, and careers continue to suffer as four decades of combating sexual harassment in the academy have yielded little progress. The #MeToo movement is raising awareness of sexual harassment as a major contributor to the so-called “leaky pipeline” that drives women out of academic sciences. In this talk, Professor Gordon will share the narrative of her career path and how her experiences lead to her current activism and founding of Below the Waterline, an organization devoted to supporting targets of gender harassment in academia. Below the Waterline now works with people of all genders to understand how personal, collective, and institutional power can be leveraged to create an academic culture that respects and values individuals.