[PAST EVENT] Campus COLL 300 Presentation: "Resistance, Activism, and Protest: Time for a Rebirth!"

February 22, 2017
Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium
200 Stadium Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

For more than 30 years Eric Sawyer has served as advisor, activist, and advocate shaping local and international policy in response to the institutional crises brought about by AIDS. Sawyer is:

  • A founding member of ACT UP (1983), co-founder of Housing Works (1990), co-founder of Health Global Access Project (1999), and Civil Society Partnerships Advisor to UN AIDS (since 2009) 
  • Co-producer and senior AIDS advisor on the documentary film, "A Closer Walk," directed by Robert Bilheimer
  • An openly gay man who has been symptomatic with AIDS since 1980

Sponsors for this event include the A&S Dean's Office, Center for the Liberal Arts, and Reves Center for International Studies.

An open reception will follow Sawyer's presentation.

COLL 300 campus visitors bring the world to W&M. They aspire to stimulate a fruitful experience of disorientation that allows students to see their own lives in broader perspective. 

Spring 2017 Campus COLL 300 Theme "Unrest":  At an institution dedicated to inquiry and examination, the intellectual waters are always in a state of unrest. Unrest, in a scientific sense, can imply loss of equilibrium. Unrest can be one feature of a psychological state leading to questioning or creativity; of a social state leading to criticism or conflict. Unrest can be a stimulus or a crisis, a challenge or a moment.