[PAST EVENT] Christopher S. A. Hendriks , Physics - Oral Exam for the Ph.D. 

July 15, 2020
3pm - 6pm
Remote via Zoom
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Chris Hendriks
Chris Hendriks

Christopher S. A. Hendriks , Physics - Final Oral Exam for the Ph.D., Title: A First-Principles Study of the Nature of the Insulating Gap in VO2

Zoom Link is available upon request. Please email Ellie at [[evwilk]].

Abstract: Upon cooling past a critical temperature Tc = 340 K Vanadium dioxide (VO2) exhibits a metal-insulator transition (MIT) from a metallic rutile R to an insulating monoclinic M1 phase. Other insulating phases, a monoclinic M2 and triclinic T, have been identified and are accessible via strain or doping. Despite decades of research, the nature of the VO2 MIT is still not fully understood. In this work we present ab-initio hybrid density functional theory (DFT) calculations on the insulating phases, compare the results to experimental measurements and discuss their implications on our understanding of the VO2 MIT. Recent measurements on M1 VO2 under high pressure found a transition to a metallic monoclinic state X at Pc = 34.3 GPa. Following this increased interest in the study of VO2 at high pressures, we will also present results of hybrid-DFT calculations on the M1 phase under increasing pressure. Our calculations predict that M1 may become metallic above ?32 GPa, in good agreement with experiment.

Bio: Christopher was born in Ambon, Indonesia. He attended Universitas Pelita Harapanin Indonesia and graduated in 2007 with an S.Si in physics. In 2011 he began his doctoral program at William & Mary, where he later joined Henry Krakauer's research group and studied the nature of the metal-insulator transition in vanadium dioxide using density functional theory.