[PAST EVENT] Chemistry Spring Seminar

January 31, 2020
3pm - 4pm
Chemistry Seminar

Dr. Darryl Boyd of the US Naval Research Laboratory presents

"Fabrication of High Refractive Index, Infrared Transmitting Organically Modified Chalcogenide (ORMOCHALC) Polymers"

Dr. Darryl A. Boyd is an employee of the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, where he holds the title of Research Chemist in the Optical Sciences Division.  He is a synthetic inorganic and electrochemist by training whose current research interests encompass aspects of polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry and materials science.  His recent work has emphasized the use of sulfur and the other chalcogens in inverse vulcan-ization reactions and photoinitiated thiol click chemistries.  The resulting polymer materials often possess unique optical properties, including extensive infrared transmittance and high refractive indices.  His recognitions include being named to the 2019 National Academy of Engineering ‘Frontiers in Engineering’ Class, the 2019 SPIE Class of ‘Rising Researchers,’ the 2018 Class of Chemical & Engineering News ‘Talented 12,’ and winning the 2016 Lloyd N. Ferguson Young Scientist Award.  Dr. Boyd is the 2020 President of his local American Chemical Society (ACS) chapter, known as the Chemical Society of Washington (CSW).  Outside of the lab, he spends much time encouraging youths to pursue careers in science as “Dr. Boyd the Chemist,” which includes running the site  http://www.drboydthechemist.com/