[PAST EVENT] Antiracism Curriculum Training: How we continue the work in the face of challenges

May 18, 2022
9am - 12pm
School of Education
301 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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Dr. Angela M. Ward
Dr. Angela M. Ward

Over the last few years, educators have been caught in the crosshairs of the global health crisis, racial uprisings and identity politics requiring the skill to actively engage personally, professionally and socially in conflict arising from difference.

In this interactive learning session, use your voice to practice strategies to sustain conversations about difference and antiracism in education. Critically self-reflect on who you are, your values, beliefs, and background. Direct your attention to your personal sphere of influence, and the knowledge you possess to implement the pedagogical moves and make curricular decisions to support the creation of identity-safe classroom and office spaces.

Founder & CEO of 2Ward Equity Consulting, Angela M. Ward, PhD is an internationally recognized, award winning educator with over 25 years of experience. In over a decade of work in a large southern urban district she established a foundation for equity work leading the child centered implementation of Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness, and Restorative Practices. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Ward’s expertise has been shared with international organizations. She is highly regarded as a skilled organizational coach, keynote speaker and writer. She facilitates critically self-reflective dialogue and focuses her daily work on organizational development, equity, inclusiveness and capacity building. She is motivated to study implications of personal identity to culture, power, and society.


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