[PAST EVENT] Faculty Research Brown Bag: Improving Inclusion for Individuals with Disabilities

February 18, 2021
2pm - 3pm
Faculty Research Brown Bag: Heartley Huber

Improving Inclusion for Individuals with Disabilities: The Power of Peers

Assistant Professor Heartley Huber will discuss the significant impact peer partners can have on the social development, inclusion, and acceptance of students with disabilities in schools. She will present her research on peer-mediated interventions in inclusive school settings for students with autism and developmental disabilities and share some considerations for implementing similar peer-mediated approaches for youth and young adults with disabilities in community and employment settings. 

Dr. Heartley Huber's research is focused on the social and behavioral needs of students with autism and development disabilities and social supports to improve students’ inclusive experiences. She is also interested in the application of behavior analytic assessment approaches to individualize interventions to meet students’ unique needs. 

The Faculty Research Brown Bag Series is sponsored by the Office of Research and Faculty Development at the William & Mary School of Education. For more information about the Faculty Research Brown Bag Series: https://education.wm.edu/research/brown-bags/index.php