[PAST EVENT] MLL Honors Theses Research Showcase

April 23, 2021
2pm - 4pm
Access & Features
  • Open to the public


8 students in MLL will present research conducted for their Honors Theses. They will each give a 3-minute presentation, speak about their experiences engaging in long-term research projects, and answer audience questions!

Friday, April 23: Modern Languages and Literatures - Honors Theses Presentations

2:00-2:15: Justin Kaley

"Mollétisme as a Paradigm: the Decline and Future of the Parti socialiste de France"

2:15-2:30: Emma Burleigh

“Wielding a Double-Edged Sword: China’s Soft Power via U.S. Confucius Institutes Amidst the Proliferating ‘China Threat’.”

2:30-2:45: Nori Thurman 

"The French Baccalauréat as an Instrument of Elite Selection: Past, Present, and Future."

2:45-3:00: Judith Tauber

“Hegemony and Revolution: the Red Brigades between Violence and Consensus.”

3:00-3:15: Sally Mullis

"Des Oiseaux Spectaculaires: Birds Observed and Imagined in French Culture under Louis XIV."

3:15-3:30: Daisy Garner

"Mehr als ein Spiel: Far-Left and Far-Right Football Subcultures in Germany."

3:30-3:45: Beau Nardo

"Andalusia in Layers: Reconciling Andalusian Identity with Spain and Europe."

3:45-4:00: Hannah Sanner

"Structured Fantasy: The Translation of Chinese Motifs in Exported Wallpaper."