[PAST EVENT] Physics Colloquium - Srimoyee Sen (Iowa State)

September 18, 2020
4pm - 5pm
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Srimoyee Sen

Srimoyee Sen (Iowa State), Title of Talk: Particle vortex statistics and the phases of dense matter

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Abstract: Neutron stars are extremely dense objects where atomic nuclei dissolve to produce extended soup of nucleons/baryons. Recent observation of neutron star mergers through gravitational waves has given rise to vigorous research activity in this area. In order to make progress in understanding neutron stars, it is of utmost importance to understand the properties of such dense matter as well as accurately model its equation of state. In this talk I discuss the various patterns of organizations expected to arise in dense baryonic matter and how modern developments in topological phase transitions in condensed matter systems combined with perturbative techniques in quantum chromodynamics, the theory of strong interactions, can inform our knowledge in this regard.