[PAST EVENT] ITASA 2020 East Coast Conference (Taiwanese American Student Association)

February 7, 2020 - February 9, 2020
Location not specified

Our Vision

Identifying with our Taiwanese heritage can be challenging because of Taiwan's limited visibility, unique history, and continuing political turmoil. Taiwanese-Americans, in particular, are stuck trying to balance both American and Taiwanese cultures.

The Format

The conference will be held from Thursday, February 6th to Sunday, February 9th. Our Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speaker event will take place Friday night.

Saturday promises a full day of programming, featuring nine workshops divided among three sessions. Each workshop will be held by a speaker from the Taiwanese-American community, who will share their experiences and/or expertise with conference attendees. After each workshop, our volunteers will lead a debrief session, providing an open forum for attendees to share their related experiences and reflections. In between workshops, a networking session over lunch offers the opportunity to connect with speakers and other members of the Taiwanese-American community. To conclude, we will host a Dinner Banquet and a Closing Ceremony, as well as an optional After-party.

We hope that our attendees discover in this year's ITASA conference a place to participate in the dialogue and celebrate the culture that we share as a community, and leave enlightened and renewed in their Taiwanese-American identity.