[PAST EVENT] Lunch Talk with Jeff Ambroziak (Birthplace of 3D Maps of the Universe)

November 21, 2014
12:50pm - 1:50pm
Law School, Room 124
613 S Henry St
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
People have been trying to accurately show the third dimension in maps for over two thousand years. The history of these attempts forms a showcase of innovation and artistic genius from some of history's greatest cartographers - from Leonardo Da Vinci to Eduard Imhof. Every proposed solution to date accepts as axiomatic that no perfect solution exists. That is to say, all maps have accepted as a given the necessity to make peace with large amounts of distortion when attempting to display the macro curvature of the earth or the micro perturbations of mountains and valleys. As luck would have it, Jeffrey Ambroziak co-invented the solution to this age-old problem while walking from the William & Mary Law School to his apartment on Scotland Street in 1997. One patent, one book, a friendship with Ray Bradbury, and a New York City Gallery opening later, Ambroziak will return to the scene of invention to (1) discuss the intersection of art and science in mapping, (2) present his newest map - the first 3D map of the Moon ever made and (3) to discuss careers in patent law. At the conclusion of his talk, copies of the 3D map of the moon will be available for attendees!