[PAST EVENT] Discovery Lab: Corals!

March 20, 2012
6pm - 8pm
VIMS - Catlett-Burruss Research and Education Lab
7577 Spencer Road
Gloucester Point, VA 23062Map this location
Corals--tiny, soft-bodied organisms related to sea anemones and jellyfish--secrete skeletons that can build up over hundreds or thousands of years to form coral reefs. Some of these reefs have been growing for more than 50 million years. Join Jennifer Elliott, who is studying corals as a Ph.D. student at VIMS, to learn about the biology of these organisms, how they eat and reproduce, the different types of corals found around the world, and the threats that corals face. Lab participants will take a close up look at corals through the microscope, learn about the ecological importance of coral reefs, and make coral crafts.

Full--Registration now closed.

[[mcguire, Sarah McGuire]], 804-684-7878