[PAST EVENT] Sustainability Forum

October 6, 2016

Williamsburg, VA 23185

The Sustainability Forum takes place the first Thursday of the month and is an opportunity for groups and individuals to share their sustainability ideas, needs and accomplishments to create a more cohesive and aware community and foster partnerships and collaborations. Sustainability is about the intersectionality of environmental, social, and economic factors, but most importantly it is about community: all are welcome! The format of the forum is informal and social, with speakers having a few minutes to present and discuss. Groups are encouraged to submit a PowerPoint slide for display that includes their group's name, contact information, and any additional information. PowerPoint submissions can be sent to Office of Sustainability Communications Intern Madeleine Boel at [[e|mgboel]].


Office of Sustainability Communications Intern, Madeleine Boel, [[e|mgboel]]