[PAST EVENT] Post-Soviet Television: Global Formats and Russian Power

April 7, 2011 - April 9, 2011
Location not specified
The international symposium "Post-Soviet Television: Global Formats and Russian Power" aims to offer a survey and a critical, reflective assessment of new approaches to the study of television in post-Soviet Russia. During the 1990s, Russian television experimented with the new formats and modes of production (private, public, foundation-sponsored and joint-stock company). By the beginning of the new millennium, this pluralistic model of television culture was replaced with a more traditional authoritarian one. The influx of global television formats and genres (sitcom, dramedy, soap opera, game show, talk show and reality TV) coincided with the increasing return of government control over television programming. This trend culminated during Putin's presidency when the government took over the three national television channels: First, Russia, and NTV. Using new approaches and research findings, the symposium participants will examine the role of Russian television in post-Soviet political and media culture and the dialogue between the old Soviet-era and globally mediated formats that coexist on Russian television today.

Participants include distinguished international scholars: Anthony Anemone (The New School), Christine Evans (U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Helena Goscilo (Ohio State U.), Yana Hashamova (Ohio State U.), Steven Hutchings (U. of Manchester), Lilya Kaganovsky (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Mark Leiderman (U. of Colorado, Boulder/Ural State Pedagogical University, Ekaterinburg), Tatiana Mikhailova (U. of Colorado, Boulder).

The symposium will also serve as a forum for undergraduate research at William & Mary. Students from the senior seminar "Russian Television: Culture after Communism" will present their research at the undergraduate research panel at the symposium. Apart from the scholarly component, the symposium includes three public events: a public lecture by the keynote speaker Professor Hutchings (U. of Manchester) and two screenings. Please see the symposium schedule.